Big Five for Life

Training and coaching

Big Five for Life is a globally proven formula that allows people, schools and organisations to be successful in an accessible and powerful way. Its aim is doing, seeing and experiencing the five most important personal/organisational goals, the Big Five for Life, in order to make a difference.

The Dutch branch of the Big Five for Life organisation approached Pindrop for the technical side of their new website. “Big Five” stands for the five most important things that you want to achieve for yourself. A new professional website was high on the “Big Five” list for Big Five for Life itself.

The big challenge with this website was to consider the different target groups: individuals, companies and schools. In each of these areas there are people, young and old, who are open for coaching. Each of these target groups is visualised appropriately by BFFL’s graphic design partner and then brought to life with technology by Pindrop.

Apart from the regular informative content, the website also includes a blog for sharing knowledge, a calendar with training sessions, registration forms, a link to register for the newsletter, customer reviews, and lots of other little things.


From a technological point of view, it was interesting to group together all the knowledge and experience from the past years in this medium-sized website with a nice array of templates. All the content management is customisable in WordPress and provides the client plenty of freedom, but not so much that the website might suffer as a result.

Great HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and WordPress PHP technology come together here, making it a pleasure to carry out the project for everyone involved.

List for nerds

  • Wordpress
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Mailchimp API

Our work

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