De Nationale Hoorstichting

In a list of well known Dutch foundations, the Nationale Hoorstichting is essential. They are the authority when it comes to examining and preventing hearing damage. It ‘sounds’ as if it won’t affect you, but in the Netherlands alone there are 1,600,000 people with hearing problems. So it’s a serious subject, and the Hoorstichting is fighting hard in politics, the corporate world and schools.

The Hoorstichting is a client from start to finish for Pindrop. We do both the creative stuff, as well as the design and subsequent programming. After a thorough discussion with the Hoorstichting team, it was decided that the most important things are insight, awareness and prevention. You really have absolutely no idea how big the problem is.

Explaining a big problem in small chunks was important for this, so that both people in a hurry and people who don’t know about the subject can both use the new website just like the purists. By using a clear menu structure, click-through possibilities with detailed sub pages, ‘see also’ blocks and (interactive) infographics, we were able to create a website that achieves that goal together with the Hoorstichting.


Animated and based on the parallax philosophy, infographics were a great challenge, because every device, must be able to function completely responsively. It is also quite an expansive website, with different templates, all of which can be simply and flexibly managed by the Hoorstichting communication team. All of these templates are completely customised, and with our backend team we also crawled around in WordPress’ deeper caves in order to provide the best possible experience in the admin area.

List for nerds

  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Fluid
  • Responsive
  • Parallax

Our work

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