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Calendar reinvented

Why settle for what everyone is already doing when you can come up with something new by having a fresh look? NOWCalendar was designed with this critical view in mind. To implement this, the services of Pindrop were engaged. A high-quality iOS project that resulted in a completely new mobile agenda representation: the timeline.

The timeline is used frequently at festivals and for corporate planning, but why not also for your own schedule? This is what the founders of NOWCalendar had in mind when they started designing a new mobile calendar that combines the clear layout of the timeline with your daily planning situation.

The appointments in an agenda are shown as below, placed under and next to each other in clear blocks, with their size corresponding to the length of the appointment. Navigation is simple, you simply move your thumb from right to left and the timeline moves over so you can see further in the future. The drag-and-drop and in-place-editing functions then allow you as the user to change and move things easily, without having to click through several screens to do so.

See the NOWCalendar website for lots more information about the functions. Click here.


Technologically, NOWCalendar is of a high standard. The largest challenges were calculating the position of appointments, displaying and navigating these, the performance (it would take a full evening to explain!), and the far-reaching integration with the internal iOS processes as well as the calendar information, invitations, navigation with Google/Apple. And more…

List for nerds

  • Objective C
  • C++
  • iOS

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