Datadriven customer communication

Pondres is a specialist in data-driven client communication: in providing data, message and choice of channel to omni-channel marketing. This makes Pondres the very heartbeat of communication.

An attractive company with 160 employees, which has been enjoying success for years in print and the past years ‘suddenly’ had to go digital. Pondres took on this challenge and came out on top. The digital team is growing and they have successfully made it a part of the whole business, customer and product processes. But their own website was lagging behind a bit, just like in the tale of the cobbler’s son, an overlooked child.

Pindrop worked in close cooperation with the Pondres marketing, communication and technical team to create a new website. The first instance of the site was ready for Pondres digital services, and later in 2016+ for the other business sectors including the general ‘corporate’ website, as well.


Technologically, the Pondres website is a good specimen of WordPress custom development with plenty of flexibility and simplicity for the communication team. Even its presentation was an appropriate challenge thanks to the high volume of content that had to be brought to the front by the whole website.

In addition, the use of so-called Scalable Vector Graphics (“SVG”) is elevated to an art form in order to enable the administrators to change the colours of icons themselves simply and to make sure that these appear crystal clear on screens of all qualities.

List for nerds

  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SVG

Our work

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Because we are often hired by advertising agencies, the credits for those projects will stay on their side of course. But Pindrop also have an attractive customer list with associated track record. Check out our cases below.