Our skills


Pindrop develops apps for various mobile platforms, among which are Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android (HTC, Samsung, LG, and more).

  • tablet apps

    Tablets have been around for years, but only after Steve Jobs introduced the iPad has the uptake of these devices boomed. This offers the power and simplicity that people became accustomed to on the iPhone, but with much more screen real estate. As a rule, tablet manufacturers are also smartphone manufacturers and they make sure that their platform on both devices has the same technical basis. In this way, software developers such as Pindrop can make a proper conversion from a smartphone app to a tablet app.

  • smartphone apps

    After the brilliant move by Apple’s Steve Jobs, apps are no longer non-essential components of your mobile phone. Apps unlock all of the phone’s possibilities and place them in the hands of software developers who can then produce the most useful, “life-changing”, or simply super-amusing apps. Pindrop has experience exploiting all of these app possibilities, from geo-positioning (latitude & longitude), and the shooting and editing of photos, to the gyroscope and augmented reality. And more…

  • smartwatch apps

    The latest addition to the mobile family are the smartwatches. Apple, Google, Pebble, and many others have plunged into this market. They are not independent devices – unlike mobile phones that already possess a solid functionality – but in fact operate closely with them. A successful smartwatch app goes hand in hand with an equally successful mobile app.

  • Apple iOS

    Apple’s famed OS for mobile phones and tablets.

  • Apple watchOS

    iOS, but then specifically applied to the Apple Watch.

  • Apple tvOS

    The future of TV watching seems open to programmers: tvOS

  • Google Android

    The largest mobile OS in the world. By Google.