Our skills

external APIs

The times when a website seconded as a digital brochure are far behind us. Websites and apps have become components of critical corporate processes. That is why a connection with crm, business software, or with other systems is often a requirement. Pindrop has extensive experience integrating systems from diverse organisations in the areas of e-commerce, finance, transport & logistics, vacancy systems and other business software.

  • Facebook

    FB apps, social login, and more…

  • Instagram

    Reading the number of followers, photo lists, hashtags.

  • Twitter

    The latest posts from your feed, everything regarding a specific hashtag, and much more.

  • DHL

    Automatic delivery of shipments via DHL system.

  • TNT

    The TNT carrier’s services neatly integrated into your own web application.

  • FedEx

    Labels, pickups, transit times, prices, everything bundled together with Fedex API.

  • Google

    Google Calendar, Google Drive, as well as other Google services. All to be integrated.

  • Exact

    Automatically generate invoices and customers in your bookkeeping.

  • Messagebird

    Want to send an SMS from your website, web application or app? No problem.

  • Microsoft Exchange

    Automatically make entries in the Exchange/Outlook calendar. It all can be done.

  • Amazon

    Highly scalable and flexible cloud server infrastructure.

  • Centraal Boekhuis

    Order, pay for and have books delivered. Just through the Central Book Exchange “CB” link.

  • easyPOS

    Point of Sales system link between the web shop and the shop’s cash register system.

  • Docdata

    Docdata, a renowned Dutch online payment provider.

  • Mailchimp

    Register newsletter subscribers, send newsletters, unsubscribe members, and more…