Our skills


From custom sites to complex and beautiful webapplications. Build with flexible content management using WordPress or Symfony/Angular. Customized JS back-end.

  • Mobile is king

    These days, over 25% of all website visits are made via a smartphone or tablet. This is why Pindrop develops responsive websites, where the design and text adapt themselves automatically to the screen resolution of the PC terminal, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Interactive

    The days of static, dull online platforms are over. With the aid of modern HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technology, the web can offer useful functionality more interactively. The Pindrop website is a fine example of this.

  • HTML 5

    Improved structure and meaningful HTML, extensive multimedia possibilities, and more…

  • CSS 3

    Introduces all sorts of interactive and layout possibilities into websites.

  • JavaScript

    Validations, calculations, server-client communication, and much more… Immensely powerful when properly applied.

  • jQuery

    A powerful tool for certain Javascript operations. But think before thou beginnest.

  • Less

    An excellent tool for programming in and with CSS. A must-have for every web designer.

  • Angular.JS

    Google Javascript technology for the development of web applications.

  • Wordpress

    The largest open source CMS in the world. Celebrated and criticised. Both cases are embraced.

  • Laravel

    The PHP Framework For Web Artisans.

  • Symfony

    A highly reputable PHP framework for the development of simple to extremely serious web applications.

  • PHP

    Programming language as the basis for a large number of websites and web applications.

  • MySQL

    A scalable and widely adopted database system.