Parallax is a known website phenomenon of recent years, but how does it actually work? Animations on the website are linked to the mouse’s scrolling actions. Scroll down to explore further.

As you can already see, objects in the background move upwards quicker than this text does. This is a rudimentary example of parallax. The next step is to introduce different layers in order to simulate a 3D effect.

Here you can see different layers moving up and zooming in while you are scrolling. In this way the visitor has the illusion of a 3D landscape, thus making the site feel more interactive. There are many ways to apply this form and function in the most diverse websites.

And this is how it works

What is actually taking place in the background is that different layers are being created, each moving in its own way as you scroll. The most creative parallax applications emerge from combining speed, distance, zooming in and out, and other effects. Smoothly scroll down a bit more for a beautiful pure parallax animation.;